Нови Сад

On Thursday, the 5th, we took a train to Нови Сад (Novi Sad). We got on the super sketchy graffiti ridden train (photoed below) and made our rickety way north. After a couple of stops we were a bit confused when everyone exited the train. I double checked and the schedule definitely showed another 7 or so stops with Novi Sad as the last stop. As Kristina and I were debating this someone boarded the train, so we felt better. We waited a bit and the train started up….but in the wrong direction! We later found out that we should have exited the train and boarded a different train that goes all the way to Novi Sad. We waited at a cafe in Batajnica and hung out with a cute puppy until the next train came by.

We arrived in Novi Sad safe and sound and walked around for a bit, before meeting our new friend Damjan and going to the local penjališta (climbing gym). Filling out the liability form one of the bullets read “Members must some at times determined by their chosen package”. We chatted with the owner of the climbing gym for a while. Climbing is not very big in Serbia, but it’s starting to catch on. The owner is one of the pioneers of climbing in Serbia, having started 20 years ago. He struggled to open the gym because most of the places he inquired as potential locations were concerned about the safety and declined, which I believe is because of the general lack of familiarity with the sport in Serbia.


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