Andrea and I made way to the final destination that we would share together…for now, काठमाडौँ (Kathmandu). The ride there was a tourist bus, which we were hoping would be a bit faster. As it turns out, tourist bus just means there is a bit more leg room. Either way, we were used to it at this point, so it wasn’t all that bad. Plus I got this amazing and super cheap meal:

$2 roadside feast. Oh how I already miss you so.

Kathmandu is kind of…crappy. Many of the locals are wearing face masks to combat the pollution. The streets congested and under constant construction. I wondered to what extent this is due to the 2015 earthquake. We found a cheap and dirty hotel in Thamel, the main tourist district. We could have certainly found something nicer, but at a cost.

As a change of pace, I happily accepted Andrea’s suggestion that we get some climbing in. We stopped at the local gym, which wasn’t too bad, but reminded me a lot of the gym in Novi Sad, Serbia: handfoot match > mega reach > handfoot match > dyno > repeat. Not a welcoming experience for the vertically challenged. While we were taking a short rest I was pleasantly surprised to find the lovely Ooona walking towards me. Oona is a Finish girl that had attended the tantra course with me back in Rishikesh, India. What a funny coincidence!


The three of us got a fancy dinner together at OR2K, a fresh vegetarian restaurant in Thamel that lived up to the reputation. It was such a nice change of pace to have fresh salads and goat cheese. Yum! Our hefty bill still only added up to $8 each.

The next day Andrea and I just relaxed and spent some time together. We looked up the best momo restaurant in Kathmandu and…damn it was good!!!

Buffalo momos, veg momos and paneer spinach momos. The paneer spinach took the gold medal.

Momo and dried fruit dessert momos:

Andrea (Momo), I already miss you so freakin’ much. We have had such an incredible adventure together. I can’t imagine having been with anyone else through all of this and I know I wouldn’t have grown in the way that I have if you weren’t there. I am so happy to have have you as a friend. Until we have those Enfield engines rumbling between our legs. Love you so much la mia Italiana!


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