Arrived back in München (Munich) Saturday evening. Eimi left early the next morning. 😦 You will be missed!



Hit up KB Thalkirchen, the largest Kletterhalle (climbing gym) in the world! It’s pretty sweet. They have massive walls and there’s even outdoor climbing that you can do in the rain.

And it just kept raining and raining and raining…


It was a nice relief to direct all the wet to my mouth with a giant stein of bier at the Hofbräuhaus. I went with a nice girl that I had met in the street the day before via a combination of my clueless staring at a map and her kindness. The tables are all very large and social interaction between the guests feels encouraged. We sat down at a table with a Dutch couple, right next to the band. I didn’t snap a photo of them but it was a much larger band than the two shown here, who were handling the quieter upstairs. The dutch man partook in the final lines of each song with an incredible opera-house voice, and this ceremony was accompanied by a cheers of steins around the table.

A few others joined our table. I wasn’t quite listening but I heard something about New York out of the voice of someone that sounded American.

“Did you say New York?”

“Yeah, we’re from New York.”

“Oh nice! Me too!”

“Where at?”


“We’re from Saratoga!”

“Oh well in that case, Lake George”


“Bolton Landing”

“Mike here is from Diamond Point”

What are the odds that two people from tiny little Diamond Point would be sitting in the same bräuhaus in München? Apparently non-zero. Turned out his nephew went to school with me. We chatted a bit about how he and his wife were doing.

Ended the stay at Hofbräuhaus with the largest Breze (pretzel) I’ve every had in my life. I walked a bit of the way home to see the night life in München. I was disappointed to say the least. I’m pretty sure I was walking through all the main parts of town, but there was nothing going on. There was one hookah-bar and I found one block that was filled with strip-clubs, but not a single location on the block wasn’t selling sex. Overall it seemed like there are interesting touristy things to do in München, but I’m still struggling to understand what the locals do for fun in this city.

There are tales of an elusive Wurst, deep in the concrete jungles of München, known only as the Weißwurst (white wurst). Many have lived the tale, and under normal circumstances it is not a big deal at all…but I am yet to try one. They were out at the Hofbräuhaus, of the restaurants I checked, it wasn’t even on the menu, they were even out at this deli! Look at how much meat that is! Grabbed some Wurst on the final day in München, but I may never know of this typisch bayerisches wurst.


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